What is Hreflang



Hreflang tags are features implemented in websites whose objective is to communicate to search engines the existence of said website in different language versions and that in this way, the user can automatically view the web in their language without having to select it.

It is a very convenient attribute since in this way we manage to indirectly improve the organic positioning and usability of our website.

How to Implement Hreflang Tags

  1. First of all you must have your website adapted to more than one language,for this we recommend creating maps for the languages of your website so that you plan which web version will appear according to the location of the user who enters it.
  2. Create the domain strategy:keep in mind that Google automatically values the content for specific domains of each region or country (ccTLD) so that if you want to target the domain in a specific way you must use gTLD (general top-level domain).
  3. Assign a value for each country:Hreflang tags have only one country and language code at a time, which you’ll need to assign based on the language and country combination you want.
  4. Implementation: there are different methods when implementing Hreflang tags, mainly by introducing it in the HTTP header (although when it comes to positioning it is not so effective), in the HTML header or in XML Sitemaps (you have to be careful since Google does not work so much with XML).


Advantages of Hreflang labels

  • Indirect improvement of SEO:by increasing conversions, reducing the abandonment rate and improving engagement, our search engine positioning will improve indirectly.
  • Reduction of the abandonment or bounce rate:by adapting your website to the language of the client we can greatly facilitate their navigation through our page.
  • Higher revenues:by staying longer potential customers on our website, the number of conversions will increase and consequently our revenues will increase.
  • Greater adaptability tothe user: adaptability to the web can occur beyond simply the language, if not also the currency, time zone, delivery costs or cultural issues.

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