What is Sistrix



Sistrix is a web tool that offers SEO and SEM consulting and reports on trends and developments in the SEO industry. Today, Sistrix offers a toolbox with various SEO metrics and offers a wealth of data about domains, keywords, and backlinks.

This SEO analysis tool is similar to Searchmetrics and SEMRush. Sistrix is easy and intuitive to use, and serves to get a quick overview of the organic performance of any site. Sistrix also has its own keyword databases, making it extremely reliable.

History of Sistrix

Sistrix emerged as an SEO tool in 2008, when its founder, Johannes Beu launched the Sistrix Toolbox tool in Germany, which was very well received and soon became a reference tool in the German country. From there began a stage of growth by various countries, adding databases of keywords for France, Italy and Spain, up to the current 13 countries. In 2016 it consolidated its position in Germany with the purchase of Seolytics.

How Sistrix works

Every week, Sistrix checks the first 100 Google search results, crawling a million keywords. Practice that performs for both Desktop and Mobile. Thus, Sistrix combines weekly a database that later serves to attribute each result to each domain, which results in the visibility index.

Analyze the competition with Sistrix

One of the biggest advantages that Sistrix offers is competitor analysis. That is, it allows you to find all the domains that are competing for your same and/or similar keyword group. In addition, it is also possible to do a search for your competitors based on their complete domain.

Sistrix Modules

Sistrix currently offers the following modules within its suite of SEO positioning tools:

  • SEO
  • Links
  • Optimizer
  • Ads
  • Social
  • Marketplace


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