What is Screaming Frog

screaming frog


Screaming Frog
SEO Spider is a tool that analyzes links to perform
audits of websites, because it provides a lot of information.

Screaming Frog has become one of the main SEO tools. It is the most used by consultants and companies dedicated to digital strategy, especially search engine positioning.


Screaming Frog emerges from one of the first SEO agencies to be founded in the Uk.

Its name is inspired by a frog that screamed back when it was cornered by two cats in the back garden of Dan Sharp, one of the directors of the Screaming Frog agency and creator of the SPIDER SEO tool along with his partners Graeme Radford and Jason Lock.

The design and development of this tool began to take shape in 2010 and to date it is one of the most complete SEO tools that exist and has won several awards internationally.

The Tool

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a paid tool, and although there is a freemiun version where you can analyze small websites of up to 500 URLs, it is worth investing in it for professional use.

With this tool you can do very complete SEO audits of any type of website, whether it is an online store, a services website or a blog.

It offers very valuable information on the status of SEO indicators, essential to know what should be optimized on a website:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Titles
  • Header tags (h1, h2,h3)
  • Pages with 4XX and 5XX errors
  • Canonical URLs
  • Image Tracking
  • Internal and external links
  • Redirects
  • Duplicate URLs
  • Binding policies

You can even see how the Serps snippet is optimized without accessing the web!

All this and much more has made Screaming Frog a consolidated tool and one of the best alternatives for the analysis and optimization of SEO positioning.

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