What is SEA


The SEA or Search Engine Advertisement (advertising in search engines), is one of the branches of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that is based on the publication of ads within search engines such as Google or Bing.

Google Adwords, Adsense, or Bing Ads, are examples of search engine advertising platforms or SEA. Currently they are used by individuals and companies to publicize and offer their products or services to an audience to which they can focus with great precision because these systems allow to direct the ads to users who already start from a previous interest. Hence, its use has spread throughout the world and that this type of advertising has ended up being an indispensable strategy within any digital marketing strategy.

what is SEA

Differences between SEM and SEA

It tends to be confused with SEM due to the common misconception of “not differentiating between marketing and advertising”, and the fact that SEA is one of the branches within SEM, and is not correctly specified when using the term.

Within the SEA are included the ads of text or images that we can find in different websites or in the SERPs.

In addition, these texts can be optimized to be well positioned in these Search Engine Results Page. Campaigns can be organized chronologically and there are also many possibilities to segment the target audience. In addition, there are different measures to improve web traffic.

Objectives of the Search Engine Advertisement

It should not be forgotten that sea is part of marketing and therefore, its objective is to increase web traffic through the ads available in advertising spaces within search engines. What it intends is that the user makes a purchase through this ad. That is, what you are trying to achieve is a sale or conversion. On the other hand, you can also look for other objectives such as getting downloads or subscriptions to newsletters.

One of the main platforms where we can find these ads is in Google Ads.

These ads are based on an auction and bet on the keywords that the ad seeks to exploit and the areas of the advertising location. Other elements that influence where the ad will be exposed is the quality of the destination website, the quality of the text and the relevance of these keywords.

Here we can make classic text ads,where the most relevant keywords are chosen for the text that we are going to advertise trying with them to achieve a good positioning. On the other hand there are the Products Listings Ads,these are playlist ads. These have the ability to change the ads from a file generated for the client.

We can also find Display ads,composed of images or texts that will appear on the Google network. On the other hand we have Google Adwords,where you can combine PLA, text and display ads at the same time. This is the most used platform for making ads worldwide.

Another of the platforms where these ads can be carried out are Bing and Yahoo. These work in a very similar way to Google Ads. It should be noted that practically all search engines have their own advertising platforms, so you can go to them depending on the audience to which the campaign is directed.

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