What is Paid Media

paid media


Paid media
or means of payment are the means of communication in which you pay to publish the ads. This includes channels such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor advertising or direct mail. But also new media, such as blogs, web pages or text messages.

Paid media means paying to promote our products or services through a third-party medium. It is a fundamental part of digital marketing strategies. Therefore, in the process of promoting any product or service, it is necessary to define and develop strategies that include actions in Earned Media, Owned Media and Paid Media.

Differences between earned, owned and paid media

  1. Earned media or ‘earned media’ are those that promote a product or service for free for their interest to the public. This includes specialist recommendations on a topic or customer reviews. It is equivalent to the publication of the press release that was made in the past with offline communication.
  2. The owned media or ‘own media’ refers to those that belong to the company itself and that serve to promote its products. This is the case of the website or profiles on social networks.
  3. Paid media are those in which an amount of money is invested in exchange for advertising. In most cases it is necessary to make an effort at this point so that the previous two work properly.

Advantages of paid media

It’s a good way to promote content in order to boost earned media as well as drive traffic to proprietary media. Paying for content promotion can help keep an ad moving in the media and create more exposure.

In search engine positioning, a good strategy in Google Ads usually gives greater benefits and faster than a good organic positioning job.

Examples of paid media

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that offer advertising that could potentially help increase a business’ sales can be defined as Social Paid Media.

Another way to gain more exposure for your spread of a site’s content is to pay influencers on Twitter or share your links. The use of remarketing, pay per click and display ads is a direct and most effective way to drive users to websites, to help increase traffic and/or conversions.

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