What is Remarketing


In email and digital marketing, remarketing refers to the techniques, strategies, and often automated email systems used by online sellers and merchants to track site visitors who do not perform a desired action on the website, which is usually when they abandon their shopping cart.

If marketing is used to attract a visitor to your website, and if they don’t make a purchase, then remarketing tactics are used to get the visitor back to your website and turn them into a paying customer. Remarketing is often referred to as “conversion marketing.”

Why create a remarketing campaign

Remarketing campaigns bring several benefits to companies, among which the expansion of the scope stands out. Thanks to these techniques, more users potentially interested in the brand can be reached. This data can be observed and studied thanks to the retargeting tools provided by ad creators such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

On the other hand, this audience will have much more personalized content. Remarketing lists allow you to customize the contents to the maximum among a multitude of options. The follow-up that is done by the network serves in turn as a brand reminder. Users who have visited a website will see more content from that website on other pages and thus remember it, becoming a potential customer.

All the data that is collected thanks to remarketing serves to focus and adapt the marketing objectives of any company. Thanks to the different options for creating lists or user recruitment sites, you can view behavioral data and use it in future campaigns.

One of the main reasons why carrying out this type of campaign is because it potentially increases the number of conversions. With remarketing, users are reached at the moment in which they have the most possibility of making a purchase.

How to create a remarketing campaign

To implement this campaign must be done through Google Ads, where you have to configure the type you want to make. For example, for an ecommerce the most used is dynamic remarketing. When this campaign is set up, the customer is shown ads for categories or products they have previously visited. These ads are very similar to the products you saw on the web.

In these cases, these are products that you were interested in and that user may need. Here they are usually very effective campaigns since we remind you of our store or product.

On the other hand we have fixed remarketing ads. In this case, it is configured by creating an ad and format in Google Ads. They will be displayed in search engines and on the display network. We can also find remarketing in mobile apps and YouTube videos.

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