What is New user

New UserDefinition:

New users are those who identify themselves for the first time in the use of a computer program, a web page or another tool applied to the digital environment. When the data is analyzed, it is detected that there is no record of a session prior to that.

Getting new users is one of the main objectives of any online business. Therefore, one of the most important indicators in digital advertising is the cost per lead (CPL),

which is nothing more than the payment by the advertiser for each new potential customer who fills out a form, leaves their data to request information or subscribes to their newsletter. It is easier to capture a user as a customer when we already have minimal contact with them and can even send them personalized information.

Advertising with CPL is usually very expensive, so companies use other strategies, such as promotions or discounts, to get new users. In the case of digital tools, it is very common to offer a free trial period to get the potential customer to sign up and then offer a premiumversion.

Tips to build loyalty for a new user

People are essential in a business strategy and a bad marketing job can mean that we get many new users, but that these finally do not convert (do not buy or perform any action that brings a benefit to the company). Therefore, it is advisable to take into account some considerations:

1. Provide clear information about the services offered and their possible cost.

2. Ensure a good user experience (UX). Although a product is very good, if the navigation is annoying or unattractive the user can give up.

3. Offer discounts and promotions. If the campaigns are personalized, the results will be even better.

Once we have managed to retain a new user we can turn him into a prescriber and suggest that he invite a friend to increase our number of users.

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