What is BeReal

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BeReal is a French social network created in 2020 by developer Alexis Barreyat. After a few different beginnings, the platform quickly gained popularity since 2022 and focuses on authenticity and spontaneity when sharing moments of the day to day of its users.

How BeReal works

How BeReal works is simple: every day, users receive a notification at a random moment, telling them to take a photo. The photo consists of two images taken simultaneously: one with the front camera and one with the rear, showing what the user sees and how it looks at that moment. Users have two minutes to take the photo, with no editing options or filters.

BeReal seeks to offer a social experience without the pressure of having perfect and edited images, allowing users to share authentic and unfiltered moments of their daily lives.

How to use BeReal

To start using BeReal, you must follow these steps:

  1. Download the app: BeReal is available for Android and iOS devices. You should go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search for “BeReal” and download the application.
  2. Create an account: When you open the app for the first time, you will be prompted to create an account. A phone number, full name, date of birth and username must be provided.
  3. Connect with friends: Once the account is created and logged in, you can sync your contacts to find friends in the app.
  4. Take the first BeReal: BeReal will ask to take a photo right after creating an account. You should click on the notification and take the first photo in two minutes.
  5. Add a caption and share: After taking the photo, you can add a caption and choose whether to share the photo with everyone or just friends. You must click “Submit” to publish.
  6. Explore content: Once the first BeReal has been shared, you can explore other photos in the discovery section. To interact with the posts, you can take reaction selfies or write a comment.

It is important to remember that BeReal will send a random notification every day to take a photo and share it with followers. The app uses the front and rear cameras of the device simultaneously, and does not allow photo editing. Spontaneity and authenticity are key on this platform.

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