What is Microsite



A microsite is a page that is separate from a website, which has a separate URL from its homepage and is used to provide information and/or promote something related to the homepage. Sometimes, it is a temporary website that is removed from the servers, once the promotion has ended or the information is no longer relevant.

One of the characteristics of microsite is that they usually have their own theme or brand message. They can serve as much as to promote events or to offer content specific to a topic, with keywords related to the objective of being indexed in search engines.

When creating a microsite, we must take into account whether or not it will remove potential traffic to our main page, otherwise we would have two websites that will compete with each other. The idea is, therefore, to create similar audiences.

Advantages of microsite

  • It allows you to incorporate multimedia content such as images, videos or infographics, thus freeing the web page from this content and making navigation on it faster.
  • It usually achieves high positions in organic searches thanks to the relevance of its keywords.
  • It is the ideal place to experiment with campaigns, audiences and marketing actions which you could not carry out on your website because they are very risky or to break with the harmony of them, a microsite allows us for example to use a completely different design, a more humorous or adult tone, a more casual look, etc…
  • When it comes to analytics, it allows us to make effective, accurate and more segmented measurements in the audience in which we are focused.
  • It can be a good support for the main website by making a joint positioning strategy that allows to complement both sites

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