What is Kissmetrics



is an event-driven web analytics tool for tracking individual users and for other advanced features, such as cohort analysis. It has a wide variety of add-ons and a fully customizable dashboard to improve analysis. Kissmetrics is very easy to integrate with other tools and platforms.

Kissmetrics as a web analytics tool

Through Kissmetrics,you can observe what is leading website users to perform conversions and, in the event that they are not performing them, remove the obstacles that prevent them from meeting the objectives. It also helps to understand the indicators of commitment and churn, so you can react accordingly and increase your retention. With this tool, it is easier to understand the behavior of customers, something necessary to improve growth and lead the company to its growth.

Kissmetrics Features

With this tool you can identify opportunities in the conversion funnel to increase conversions, giving the option to see how visitors behave in different visits through detailed reports and obtaining an overview that allows optimizing the entire process. This platform allows you to compare behavior over time and observe conversions, in order to make the most appropriate decision.

It also gives the option to create segments based on user behavior or demographic attributes, being able to direct the action more easily. In this way, groups of visitors can be studied based on their actions (logs, log in), or their specific details, such as the type of device, location… In this way, efforts can be directed more effectively to the desired group. Also, you can create a list with the least active users, with whom you can later contact to understand what retains them to get the most out of the web, just as you can find the customers who spend more effort browsing the site and see the strengths of it.

In addition, it offers the possibility of studying A/B tests,which help validate the design and content choices that are introduced on the site, directly seeing the response of users.

Through cohort analysis, it also allows to understand the behavior of different segments through their changes over time, targeting the conversion to the objectives of the website and locating the retention points. This segment helps to simplify information and make it simpler to view.

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