What is Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg


Crazy Egg
is one of the most popular web analytics tools, noted for its variety of heat maps. It offers heat maps by click, heatmaps that follow the movement of the mouse cursor on the web and displacement heat maps, apart from a function of its own that they call confetti. This allows you to divide the data of a heat map into traffic sources, so that users of social networks, search or other sources from which a website is nourished can be seen.

Crazy Egg as a Testing Tool

Crazy Egg is very useful for testing A/B testing,as it indicates what the user’s interactions with pages are like and which format is most interesting to them. It allows us to visually analyze how users of the site move through it, based on the clicks they make and those they don’t. To do this, it uses different types of heat maps and other similar visual indicators, which show how a user uses the site and then makes the site better.

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