What is Piwik



(now called Matomo) is a web analytics tool belonging to an OpenSource community whose features allow it to compete one-on-one with most options available in the market. It is a program that provides detailed reports on the traffic of a website, including the most popular reports, such as what are the search engines and keywords used by visitors to find a page, the language they speak, their most popular pages and other analytical reports.

Piwik is a PHP MySQL software program that web publishers must download and install on their own web server if they want to use it, although it also has a paid Cloud version. After the initial set-up, a JavaScript code is provided that must be entered into the site’s html or tag manager to begin data collection.

Evolution of Piwik

Piwik is constantly evolving, with new versions of this program coming out on a regular basis every three months, and has been translated into more than 45 languages. Piwik displays reports regarding the geographical location of visits, the origin of visits, the technical capabilities of visitors (their browser, screen size, operating system, etc.), what visitors did (pages visited, actions they took, how they left the site), visit time and more.

Security in Piwik

Unlike other tools, Piwik guarantees the privacy of the data, since the client owns it, whether it is hosted on its server or if it is committed to the Cloud option. This option has made it one of the reference applications in public bodies and the preferred option in consultants specialized in Piwik.

Their software can also be integrated with third-party applications, including CMS systems such as WordPress or Drupal, e-commerce applications such as Magento or PrestaShop, newsletter systems such as phpBB, and much more. The Piwik community has also created several plugins that can be used to increase its features.

Piwik developers offer commercial services, including annual support plans, training, managed hosting and consulting related to Piwik in general (for its installation, configuration and maintenance of the system, scale and custom development).

Piwik is now Matomo

In January 2018 it changed its name to Matomo so as not to generate confusion with Piwik Pro, a brand ceded to another company that develops measurement solutions outside the Piwik OpenSource community.

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