What is Imagotype


The imagotype is a logo format that is made up of a symbol and text. They make up the visual identity and since they are not integrated, they can work separately.


What is an Imagotype?

Imagotype is a type of logo and it is the fusion between image and words with which a brand or company of any kind can be represented.

The concept arises through the fusion of three different words. On the one hand there is the image, which refers to the icon, on the other hand we have a logo, with which the presence of a word is indicated; and finally this type, which points to the brand you are trying to identify.

It is the logo that presents a greater complexity by having a logo (word) and the isotype (image). This ensures that the user associates both the icon with a word and with a brand. In addition, as they are separable, it makes the brand distinguishable just by seeing one of the two elements.

Characteristics of the imagotype

The imagotype is the perfect conjunction between image and logo. It is the graphic representation of a brand through one or more words next to an icon. The characteristics it presents are:

  • They work together, the textual part of the graphic part are well differentiated and not merged into one.
  • It is a set in balance and perfect harmony. Nothing is out of place and everything works visually in unison.

What is an imagotype for?

The imagotype serves to recognize in an easy way the recognition of a brand. It is one of the logos that has a greater positive effect for a company, since it has an ability to connect with the public and that both can recognize it separately.

If it has a good design it can favor both to transmit the values and the objectives and the mentality of a business. Well done can communicate even more with the audience and, above all, be remembered more easily.


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