What is Prestashop



Prestashop is a content management platform or CMS for the creation and administration of electronic commerce or e-commerce launched in 2007 by the French company of the same name. Very popular due to its ease of installation and the variety of plugins it supports, it is after Magento and WooCommerce the most used platform of this type. Some of its advantages is that it is easy to install and configure, it is a silver

Open Source form (i.e. source code is readily available), multiple shipping methods that can be integrated, as well as supports multiple payment methods and has a variety of add-ons available.

Features of Prestashop

Undoubtedly one of the keys to the popularity of Prestashop is the enormous variety of functionalities that this platform makes available to users. Some of the most outstanding features of it are:

  • Free: Prestashop is a totally free CMS, although we must pay if we want to install add-ons or third-party applications.
  • Simplicity: Unlike other e-commerce platform managers, such as Magento, the learning curve of Prestashop is quite simple so it allows both beginners and the most expert developers to use it.
  • Design: Through templates, themes, modules and other designs we can configure our online store in a fully customizable way and implement our distinctive touch that differentiates it from the rest. These designs are 100% responsive so they adapt to the configuration of any type of device.
  • Payments: One of its strengths, Prestashop includes multiple payment systems such as PayPal, electronic cards, checks, transfers, Amazon Pay… In addition, it allows you to choose the currency with which you want to work and assign taxes depending on the country in which you operate.
  • SEO: includes numerous functionalities with the fon to obtain the best positioning in search engines, such as tag management, word clouds, traffic analysis, etc …
  • Marketing: at the level of online promotion it is a very complete tool to execute our digital marketing strategy: implementation of Google Ads, email marketing management, affiliate programs, videos and photographs, etc …

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