What is WooCommerce



WooCommerce is a plugin that belongs to WordPress. This free plugin is used to create online stores. With WooCommerce you will have everything you need to start selling online all kinds of services and products. This plugin is characterized by its ease when creating electronic commerce.

It is very easy to install and has several add-ons and extensions. Thanks to its wide range of extensions you can customize your store as many times as you want. It is estimated that about 30% of online stores in the world are created with WooCommerce. Being downloaded more than 30 million times since its appearance.

What to do with WooCommerce?

With WooCommerce you can do many things apart from selling products or services. With WooCommerce we can:

  • Sell physical products anywhere.
  • Sell affiliate products.
  • Market digital products.
  • Show add to cart button whenever you want.
  • Sell subscriptions.
  • Create events and sell your tickets.
  • Create registered user space.

WooCommerce Features

Among the main functionals of WooCommerce we can highlight:

  • Shipping settings:we can manage the shipping costs of products.
  • Payment methods:we can decide how our payment methods will be and even create a payment gateway.
  • Creation of discount coupons:by product or categories.
  • Attributes and variations:you can add attributes and variations to your products such as color, size…

Apart from all the functionalities that this plugin presents, we have to always be careful with the factors that improve the usability of the web. If users have a good navigation through the store, it will encourage the purchase of products. Have a predictable design, that is, have an arrangement of the elements of the store so that it is the easiest to guess. Finally, we must be safe. Our store must have certificates that prove its safety. All these factors add up when it comes to selling.

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