What is Redsys

Definition:What is Redsys

Redsys is a payment platform recognized especially in virtual platforms, which is known as a point of sale terminal or POS. It supports credit and debit card payments by acting as a mediator between the bank and the buyer, so stores can receive payments quickly and easily.

Redsys has about 60 banks, savings banks and credit institutions that you can work with. Most Spanish banks and savings banks collaborate with them. Another reason why Redsys has become one of the most used.

What redsys is for?

The function of Redsys is very simple. The platform is used to manage in a simple and secure way the payments of an online store or Ecommerce. Using it, the pages offer different forms of payment to be able to efficiently acquire payments for the products.

Redsys has been responsible for ensuring that online payment is seen in a better way, thanks to its security and reliability. After 35 years of experience in the market of payment platforms, he has managed to increase the online business its sales. It is currently one of the most used in Internet business. In addition to all this, installing the payment gateway in your online store is not difficult.

The way most people use to make an online purchase is cards, which is just what Redsys allows. Make the purchase of products and services through cards such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express. This added to the security that this POS treasures make both store and customer feel satisfied and safe.

Disadvantages of using Redsys

Redsys has many advantages as we have already explained, but it also has some important disadvantages that should be known.

  • The service will have a cost, this must be negotiated with the bank with which we are going to work. You will have to talk to them at the bank or cashier offices.
  • The license they provide will have a period of up to 30 days to be valid.
  • Banks usually require guarantees to avoid possible fraud of online sales.

Redsys Alternatives

Knowing the type of disadvantages of using a virtual POS like Redsys, you may prefer another type of payment gateway. These are some of the most common payment gateways in online business management:

  • PayPal
  • Paycomet
  • Braintree
  • Paycomet