What is Brainstorming


brainstorming is a group method for problem solving, which is used in the generation of product concepts. It is a specific procedure developed by Alex Osborn, with precise rules of conduct per session, although in many cases it is considered as a meeting in which the members give rein to their ideas freely.

This methodology has as its central idea the interaction between the participants with the aim of enhancing creativity and achieving better results than working individually. Within digital marketing, brainstorming is a very useful tool.

Brainstorming methodology

For the correct performance of brainstorming it is necessary to carry out a series of steps:

  • Pose the problem: brainstorming begins by posing the problem or issue to be solved. It is important that this is well defined so that later there are no problems when proposing solutions.
  • Define the methodology: there must be a person in charge of explaining the brainstorming procedure as well as taking the role of moderator during its development.
  • Brainstorming: it is time to propose all the ideas that arise in the minds of the participants, the important thing at this point is that everyone participates and contributes as many ideas as possible.
  • Selection: once the brainstorming is finished, the process is concluded by making a selection of the best ideas based on their use and feasibility for their subsequent implementation.

Advantages of Brainstorming

Thanks to brainstorming we have a powerful tool that can provide us with numerous solutions and benefits among which we highlight the following:

  • Generate synergies: the premise is perfectly fulfilled that the sum of the ideas of the participants in a brainstorming, together, achieve more remarkable results than if the ideas were developed individually and without any methodology so we use the power of the whole against individualism.
  • Participatory environment: one of the benefits of these sessions together is to give the possibility to all participants to feel important in making decisions that in the future may affect the future of the company which also generates motivation.
  • Global vision: another advantage of the ideas that are extracted from a brainstorming is that they have previously been subjected to a joint assessment by all its members so that they have a more collective and less biased character.

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