What is Style sheet

Style sheetDefinition:

are a set of instructions associated with
text files. They deal with the formatting and presentation aspects of the contents: type, font and size of letters, alignment and positioning of the text, colors and backgrounds…

What is a style sheet?

A style sheet is a file that can accompany the main file of any web page. With the css extension, it is responsible for establishing the different aspects related to the format and design of the web, specifying the parameters that define the tags used in the source code.

In this file where information of the style is stored (type of font to be used, the colors, its size, the spacing between paragraphs, the dimensions of the different titles …). This data collection results in a unified style across all sections and pages of a website. In this way a homogeneous and characteristic image is achieved.

The style sheet is one of the first files that programmers create when building a new website. In this way it is possible to capture the brand identity of the company, establishing the essential parameters that reflect the aesthetics of the web. Keep in mind that this file is not immovable. In order to achieve the best result, it can be modified to make different adjustments as you progress in the development of the page.

The language used is CSS.


The source is in the CSS programming language extension files. With them, a label structuring system is generated. Thus, the separation of code and format is facilitated. It is also an ease for programmers, since it makes their work more effective, ordering the sites through the style sheets.

In this way, the style sheets began to be used from the body of the format, through the header, the title, the size of the text, the font used, the color of the font, the color of the background, the paragraphs, among others.

What is a style sheet for?

A style sheet allows to give coherence to the design of a website and to maintain a uniform and homogeneous style. Thanks to this file, the contrast between different sections is avoided (since different fonts are not used that dilute the uniform image that you want to show to the user).

The key is to achieve uniqueness on the web, offering an aesthetically and visually pleasing result to visitors. Thiswill increase the dwell time of users.

In short, the style sheet allows the brand to transmit its identity in the digital field. It is an effective way to link the company’s website to an image and vice versa, helping to make it more recognizable.

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