What is Query


A query is a question or query. On the internet, in the context of actions performed on search engines, it refers to each individual query that is made on the web.

In computer terms, a query is a precise request to obtain information in a database or information system. It should not be confused with the Querylanguage, which is a programming language that is also used to query databases, nor with jQuery, a JavaScript library that facilitates the interaction between JavaScript itself and HTML.

What is a query?

A query can be a word or strings of words (query strings) that are entered into the search box of a search engine to access the information contained in the web. A query is usually accompanied by some sets of letters and other specific operators, such as Booleans, which facilitate its function.
This query or query can be done on a page that is a search engine in itself, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, or on an internal engine, on-site, always from any device.


Search query analysis

The study of search queries is very valuable for general marketing studies and, above all, to optimize SEM. In addition, a study of the internal queries of a given site is very useful to better understand the users of the web and contrast if what they are looking for corresponds to what it offers.


Types of query in search engines

In the context of search engines, we can classify queries as follows:

  • Informative queries: the user searches for general information about a topic or product. These are the majority of search queries and many have no marketing potential.
  • Navigation queries: the user knows where the information is or where he wants to go (for example: “Facebook”, “Gmail”). Navigation queries are an alternative to shortcuts.
  • Transactional queries: Queries that suggest the intention to achieve a particular action (e.g. “buy flowers”, “game downloads”; “coupon for…”).


Difference from query or query-string in databases

A query or query in a search engine should not be confused with a query or query-string in a database.

When we talk about queries related to databases, a query or query-string is a request to a database. In the case of a query to a mysql database that has the following format:

SELECT columna_a_seleccionar FROM tabla_a_seleccionar WHERE aplican_ciertas_condiciones

This query-string searches the database for a column in a table where a certain condition is met.


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