What is Pixelfed

pixel fed


PixelFed is a federated social platform for sharing images with functionalities analogous to those of the social network Instagram. It is part of the Fediverse, and is generally considered the open source and decentralized alternative to Instagram. Being opensource it can be freely modified and hosted in instances on different servers, not depending on a central server.

PilxelFed is part of a set of tools that seek the democratization and decentralization of Internet tools, with special emphasis on privacy and preventing user data from ending up in the hands of large corporations with the sole objective of being profitable.

How to register on PixelFed

Registering on PixelFed is extremely simple. Simply access https://pixelfed.social, create a user by filling in the required fields (name, username, email and password) and verify it by email.

After verification and login, the tool is accessed, with a simple aesthetic and very similar to that of Instagram.

How to register on Pixelfed

Pixelfed features

PixelFed has both in its PC and mobile version a simplified interface with the following functionalities:

  • My Timeline, in which you can see the images of the users you follow
  • Public timeline, with general publications
  • Discover, where the algorithm displays images that may be of interest to the user
  • Create new post, consisting of an image, text and hashtags
  • Account settings, where you can change password, notifications, privacy settings, etc.


How to create a PixelFed instance on your own server

PixelFed is an online application that does not need any installation by users. However, anyone can have their own server. The PixelFed source code is available in the following GitHub repository:


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