What is Petal Search

Petal Search


Petal Search is Huawei’s search engine proposal, becoming Google’s alternative. At first it was only available for Huawei devices, but now it will be available for all Android devices. This search engine has exclusive functions such as being able to find applications that are not in the Google Play Store.

Also, this search engine will be available for all iOS, Windows and Mac devices. Petal Search is similar to any other search engine, that is, it finds us web pages, products, information, videos …

How does Petal Search work?

Petal Search works like any other search engine, as it customizes search results based on your location or the country where you live. It also has an age filter, night mode, favorites function, etc. Very similar to any other search engine.

Petal Search like Google Chrome offers the option to browse incognito. With this navigation mode you would not save any type of cookie as with any other browser. One of the most important functions of this browser is that we can find applications that are not within the AppGallery or Play Store. Thus, a Huawei user will be able to install an app from Google services.

Huawei is working to make its exclusive policy known for the privacy of its users, after the Facebook scandals or the accusations of the United States. Petal Search has the certificate of the Privacy Seal of the European Union,guaranteeing compliance with GDPR.

How to install Petal Search?

This search engine is currently available for Android and web version. To find it as an app, simply search for it in the AppGallery store or google play. If you do not want to download through these stores, it is also available in APK version. To access the web version just enter gopetal.