What is Pardot



Pardot is a Marketing Automation tool belonging to Salesforce. In 2014, Pardot became one of the most progressive marketing automation platforms. This tool tripled the acquisition figures compared to its competitors.

What is Pardot?

Pardot is a tool that will allow us to control 100 by 100, how many are the users to whom we are leaving a cookie. We can analyze how many users have come to our website through our marketing actions. We can also observe the number of customers who are ready to make an action or purchase, among many other functions. Also, Pardot has a great structure with which we have easy access to the conversion and loyalty funnel. This type of Marketing Automation tools optimizes the customer experience and in turn improves the efficiency of the entity.

Advantages of Pardot

This tool has a wide range of functionalities. Like, for example, “progressive profiling” that allows us to capture data from landing pages or forms. It has a very simplified management of leads, in addition to a good integration in the sales process.

Pardot is a great ally in the process of scoring, grading, tracking and nurturing of the automated flows of our leads. It guarantees us a good management of the leads, since they will arrive at the right time. Finally, Pardot allows the integration of all our social media channels into the interface itself. We can track campaigns that are active in real time.

In conclusion, Pardot is totally recommended for those companies that need to automate their B2B marketing processes. It is a very versatile tool and fully adaptable to sales and marketing departments. You can contact the right customers at the time they need it most.