What is Online Advertising

Online AdvertisingDefinition:

Online advertising consists of the placement of persuasive advertisements and messages in time or space acquired in any of the media by commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations, government agencies and individuals seeking to inform and / or persuade members of a particular target market or public about their products, services, organizations or ideas.

This type of advertising has undergone constant evolution since the appearance of the Internet, and is a fundamental medium in what is called online marketing. Within it we find ads in search engines, ads in Display networks, ads in Social Networks …

Online Advertising Media

Some of the most used media in advertising are:

  • Social Networks: Most of them have targeted advertising systems aimed at their users: Facebook Ads,Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads…
  • Search engines: Both Bing, Yahoo and Google have their own advertising systems, offering ads both in their search results (search network advertising), and in their network of partner sites(display advertising).
  • Email Marketing: sending communications via email to users of certain lists.

Online Advertising Targeting

The results of any advertising campaign are directly conditioned by the quality of the segmentation. It is not enough to send a message to a target audience, but to impact them at the moment in which there is already the will to contract the product or service that the seller offers and the user demands.

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