What is NOODP


stands for NO Open Directory Project. They refer to a meta tag set on websites. Its purpose is to prevent search engines from using the title and Meta Description data from a
ODP public directory (also called DMOZ).

Using the NOODP

The NOODP is a meta tag that is placed in the header of the source code of a website. The order for trackers varies depending on the user to whom it is addressed.

This order is intended for trackers from any provider:

<meta name=’robots’ content=’noodp’/>

This one is addressed only to Microsoft:

<meta name=’msnbot’ content=’noodp’/>

This one is intended for Google crawlers:

<meta name=’GoogleBot’ content=’noodp’/>

Below is how all crawlers would be told to access and index content. This states that they are authorized to follow the links; however, it is not possible to extract meta titles and meta descriptions from the DMOZ.

<meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow, noodp”/>

NOODP and the importance for SEO

Previously, being listed in the DMOZ directory was synonymous with security. However, for professionals in the creation and maintenance of websites it was impossible to establish the title and meta description that search engines offered in the SERPs. That is why it is advisable to resort to NOODPs. By doing so, you can choose meta titles and meta descriptions independently. On the one hand, the meta title directly affects the positioning; on the other hand, the meta description helps to attract Internet users, thus increasing the number of visits to a site.

Noodp Features

The function of the NOODP is clear: it allows to warn the search engine robots whether or not they should enter the web page in which the tag is inserted.

Advantages and disadvantages of its use

The use of NOODP has several advantages:

  • They are usually invisible.
  • Using these tags prevents URL descriptions from being displayed.
  • Allows you to specify whether or not robots can access the site.

But it also has some disadvantages:

  • They are only used to alter the description made by DMOZ.
  • Its usefulness depends on whether you are registered with DMOZ.

What are the benefits of using NOODP on a website?

Any webmaster has to consider the use of NOODP. The professional must establish the criteria that are being chosen for the website. The implementation of the tag will be considered relevant depending on the environment (do not forget that using it allows the chosen URLs to be invisible to users).

Which companies can use NOODP services?

It is important for a company to resort to the use of NOODP. The use of this tool through an HTML code will allow certain links on the website to be invisible. In short, its mission will be to prevent search bots from tracking those links.

Being clear about what is intended on the web is essential to manage the way of approaching labels. In any case, the main objective will always be to achieve greater importance for the website.