What is Member Gets a Member

member gets a member


Member Gets a Member is a marketing strategy consisting of asking customers or members of a company to attract new customers, either for brand loyalty or through incentives. In this way we take advantage of the power of the voice of our customers to promote our products or services.

It is a very effective strategy since this type of recommendation generates great confidence in the recipients of the same and also contributes to the customer loyalty,a fundamental element in marketing since the cost of attracting a new customer is higher than that of retaining an existing one.

How to make a Member Gets a Member campaign

If we want to carry out an effective Member Gets a Member campaign we must develop a strategy previously taking into account the following considerations:

  • Contextualize according to your company:each company has its own circumstances, so when attracting customers we must take into account the particularities of our business and adapt our strategy to them. A watch company and a restaurant have different priorities so our actions must always be in line.
  • Grant incentives:offering incentives to our clients in exchange for attracting new members is one of the strategies that work best when developing this type of campaign. The incentive can be of any kind, usually a product or service, discount or promotion related to our company and in addition, it can generate an effect that induces new customers to also join in the search for leads for our company.
  • Make it accessible:what we want is to get as many members as possible involved, so we must make both the incentives and the objectives of the program easy to achieve. Making our campaign as easy to share as possible through apps and social networks is also a very important point in our favor.

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