What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Dinamyc Keyword Insertion - Dynamic keyword insertion


Dynamic Keyword Insertion allows you to dynamically insert keywords into your ads.

This feature applies to both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

This option allows you to automatically update the titles of the ads with the keywords that have caused them to be displayed.

What does it do?

They adapt the ads. Dynamically update your ad text with the keyword that triggers it.

Create more timely ads for the user.

Optimize work as it creates unique ads for a large number of keywords.

How does it work?

Dynamic Keyword Insertion allows you to display ads with the keywords of the ad group that caused them to be displayed.

If the trigger keyword is very long and exhausts the 30 characters that we have in the title, a default text will appear that is defined as follows:

{keyword: default text}

This default text will be the word that you want to display when you can not load the keyword that the user has used for exceeding the allowed characters.

Most common uses

Users frequently use city or region names to find the product or service near their area.

Many companies usually offer their products in several locations and with the dynamic insertion of keywords you can customize the message.

Another use for this type of strategy is to include in the text of the ad the specific model of the product.

This type of searches that are so specific are usually given when the user has already made his purchase decision and seeks to compare prices and conditions,so the conversion prospects are very good.

It is also necessary to take into account the possibilities in the use of capital letters:

  • {keyword:abc defg} : abc defg
  • {Keyword: abc defg } : Abc defg
  • {KeyWord: abc defg } : Abc Defg
  • {KEYword: abc defg } : ABC defg
  • {KeyWORD: abc defg } : abc DEFG
  • {KEYWORD:abc defg} : ABC DEFG



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