What is Keyword Stuffing

keyword stuffing


Keyword stuffing is an SEO overoptimization technique resulting from excessive use of keywords in content. It is based on the repeated and conscientious repetition of a keyword in a text. It is a negative technique since beyond seeking positioning easily and effortlessly, it does not provide anything of value for the user, considerably reducing the quality of the texts and robotizing them.

Originally, this and other Black Hat SEO techniques were very effective when it came to organically positioning a web page. However, Google, in its attempt to improve the quality of its search engine and the value it brings to its users was introducing successive updates such as Google Panda or Google Penguin which detect this type of behavior as negative for the user penalizing them and lowering positions in the ranke page.

A text is susceptible to keyword stuffing when a very high keyword density is detected in it, but it should be noted that if this happens because the very nature of the text demands it, Google will not penalize the web page.

How to solve keyword stuffing

If your website had any of the practices mentioned above and you have noticed a considerable drop in page rank, it is very likely that Google has penalizedyou. To correct the penalties for keyword stuffing it is necessary to review these texts and rewrite them in a much more natural and dynamic way, which adds value to users and is relevant depending on the search they have made. Reducing the number of times the keyword appears is essential, for this we can also choose to use synonyms in semantic constructions. In case we need help, there are several applications that perform semantic analysis and SEO in general, for free.



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