What is Hyperlink



A hyperlink (also known as a hyperlink) is a link between two URLs. These links can be directed to the same website, to a page of a different website, to a file, to an image, etc. To get where the link points you have to click on it. This resource is found on almost every web page.

If you want to know the destination before clicking, you have to look at the browser status bar when the mouse is over the hyperlink.

Depending on where the link leads, different things can happen. If you take it to another web page, the browser will load it and display it. On the other hand, if you take for example to a document, the browser will give us the possibility to open a session in the relevant program to view it or we will also have the option to save the file.

Types of hyperlinks

There are several types of hyperlinks, depending on where the link in question takes you:

  • Text: It is a link that is associated with a text,so if we click on that text, we navigate where the hyperlink indicates. When you create a text link, the text appears underlined and in a different color than regular text.
  • Image: This type of links are associated with an image so that if we click on that image, we navigate where the hyperlink indicates or the image will open at a larger size.
  • Internal: They are the links that lead to another part of the same website. That means that when we click on it, it will take you to another URL within the same website.
  • External: These links point to websites other than the one you are browsing.
  • Contact: They are the hyperlinks that point to an email address. Clicking will automatically open the mail manager that the user normally uses or to a telephone number that, in the case of mobile browsing, causes a call to be generated.

Broken hyperlinks

Broken hyperlinks are links that do not follow a valid path or that link to a file that no longer exists.

Having broken links on our pages is not recommended, as it does not allow users to navigate correctly through our site. This produces errors and affects SEO positioning because Google detects them.

Hyperlinks and SEO

Links are widely used for SEO optimization, as they favor positioning with what is called Linkbuilding. The internal linking of the websites added to the external linking is called Link Juice and increases the authority of the domain.

The most advisable thing in these cases is that the anchor text of the hyperlink is in accordance with the theme that links.