What is Google Marketing Platform

google marketing platform


Google Marketing Platform is a grouping of digital marketing, advertising and analytics tools from Google under one brand. In this way, the North American company aims for a more solid experience of its users by being able to take advantage of this integration.

In this way, it facilitates the analysis of results and the promotion of products and services.

Additionally, not only has there been an integration of different services, but also all the previous products that existed in Google DoubleClick have been synthesized into two new products, maintaining their functionalities: Display & Video 360 and Searchs Ads 360.



Google Marketing Platform tools and their function:

Google Marketing Platform currently includes the following tools:


  • Display & Video 360: unifies the previous DoubleClick Manager, Campaign Manager and Studio and Audio Centre; this tool allows us to manage our digital media mix.
  • Search Ads 360: previously known as DoubleClick Search, is ideal to control, measure and optimize our campaigns with key performance indicators as well as to develop our creativity when preparing them.
  • Analytics 360: this is a much more complete version of Google Analytics, Google’s classic web analytics tool, which allows us to analyze in depth the behavior of our consumers so that we can design a much more relevant strategy for them.
  • Data Studio: data visualization tool, allows the consultation of the same through numerous graphs, participation in collaborative reports, multiple integration and sharing options.
  • Optimize 360: testing tool that allows us multiple optimization options and performance increase for your company.
  • Surveys 360: allows the realization of market studies through personalized online surveys. Its multiple segmentation options are the main supporter of this interesting tool.
  • Tag Manager 360: This tool is designed to facilitate the implementation and administration of tags on your websites.

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