What is Google Images


Google Images Google images

is the functionality offered by the search engine to find photographs, drawings, infographics and other visual elements. It returns results in the same way as when performing an ordinary search of web pages and allows you to segment searches by size, color, rights of use, type of image and date of publication. The images are displayed in the form of a mosaic that allows for quick and convenient viewing, and are linked to the site on which they were originally published. Above the list appears a series of suggested words for similar searches.

How to access Google Images

To access Google Images services can be done in two main ways. The first, typing directly images.google.com. And the second, performing a normal search in the usual box and then selecting ‘images’ in the options offered by the search engine just above the results. A trick to find images in a certain format is to type in the search box filetype:extension (JPG, PNG, etc.) and then the word or phrase of what we want to find.

Google Images should not be confused with Google Photos,which is an application that allows you to store the audiovisual documents of the mobile phone with unlimited free storage, visual search, editing functions, shared libraries, etc.

Search for images with other images

One of the most original functions of Google Images is that it allows you to search for the same or similar files from an image and without using words. The search engine offers the possibility to ‘search by image’ in the search box itself, drag the photograph we want to track, use a URL or click directly with the right button on an element located on a web page and choose the option ‘Search image in Google’. If you are using a mobile device, you need to keep your finger tap and hold on the image for the menu to appear.

This feature is used to search for a similar photo, websites on which it is hosted, or the same image posted in other sizes. The images can be saved on different devices, but always taking into account that they usually have rights of use and that their reuse entails permissions by the author.

How to make an image appear in Google searches

Images are a very important part of seo optimization of a web page. Therefore, the Mount View giant itself gives a series of recommendations for a site to appear in organic searches thanks to its photographs. They are mainly summarized in two:

  • Include an ‘alt’ tag or caption near the image for Googlebots to easily track.
  • Use high-quality photographs that attract the attention of users.

To appear in Google image searches it is also very useful to use original material or edit it if it has been obtained from a bank of free images.

Removal of illegal images on Google

There is the possibility of requesting that personal photographs with intimate content be removed from the search engine results, although it is not easy. To do this, Google requires that any of these circumstances be met:

  • That the person referred to appears naked during a sexual act.
  • That the content has been disseminated or obtained without consent.

Google warns that the removal of these images by itself does not imply that they disappear from the originating web page and advises affected users to contact the webmaster of the site directly.

There is a tool called SafeSearch that allows you to block explicit and inappropriate content such as pornography in the results. It is very useful in the event that the use of the computer or tablet is shared with a minor.