What is Funnel leak

Funnel LeakDefinition:

A funnel leak occurs when in a certain part of the web, a potential customer logs out or navigates to a different web page, thus leaving the conversion funnel.


Leakage points can be detected and closed, analyzing at which step of the conversion funnel a problem has arisen for which the user has not finished converting.

Technical leakage points

They are the ones that make the purchase not occur due to a problem of operation of the web. The user wants to make the purchase but E-commerce gives problems, so it does not occur.

Technical leakage points can be:

Device navigation issues

Especially if it is mobile devices. That is why it is important to take care that the web is responsive and that the purchase on mobile phones and tablets is facilitated.


Websites that have a very high load time are more susceptible to having more numerous leakage points since the user rarely likes to wait for the page to load.

Programming errors

There are aspects that, without being very large errors, can cause a vanishing point to occur. A button that is not clickable or a product photo that cannot be enlarged are examples of programming errors that cause many users to leave the web without making the purchase.

Psychological Leaks

These points of escape are those that can occur in e-commerce and websites that may have these incidents:


If a website is simple and intuitive and the purchase is easy for the user, leakage points will be avoided.

If, on the other hand, you have to give more than three clicks to formalize the purchase since the user makes the decision, a conversion hole can be created.

Customer Service Issues

So that there are no points of leakage, customer service must be looked at to the millimeter, since a bad service leads to the abandonment of the web and non-conversion.

User distractions

If you have discount coupons that are visible throughout the purchase process, so that when the user wants to formalize that payment and enter the discount code does not go looking for it elsewhere.


Detecting the leakage points of a website, analyzing them and optimizing them is part of a successful digital marketing strategy to help businesses achieve their goals.