What is Freebie


Freebies are those free materials that a user can obtain when entering a web page or when contacting a brand.

What is a Freebie?

Freebie comes from English and its meaning is “gifts”. In the world of marketing it is used to refer to a strategy that consists of offering a very low cost product as a gift to users who enter the web in question or want to contact a brand. They range from tools through applications, documents or any material that may be useful.

The Freebies can be seen both digitally and offline, both at events and large fairs. It is a way to take advantage of the attractiveness of the free and in this way enhance the attraction to a certain brand.

Despite this, the concept has gained its true relevance thanks to the internet. Thanks to the digital sector, it has made it not only easy to offer them but also to create them.

What are they for?

Freebies is a technique used by companies in order to attract consumers and thereby generate leads. In other words, it is about motivating them to buy products of the brand and become loyal to it. It can be considered a perfect example of word-of-mouth marketing, as users can come to recommend free products.

It is, in short, to be a sample of how the company / brand wants to take care of its audience. It is also a way of welcoming those who are undecided when choosing or those who at some point were customers but who are not currently customers.

The development process of Freebies.

The process for consumers is very simple. The consumer must enter the site or go to the physical store of the company. All this will depend on the marketing strategy that has been chosen.

The fundamental thing is that the free products are exclusive to online users. The most common way is to subscribe to the site and this will be enough to access all the free content offered by the brand.

In addition, content marketing strategies can be used in order to offervaluable content for free and thereby achieve user data.

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