What is Digital Portfolio

Digital Portfolio


A Digital Portfolio, also known as Electronic Portfolio or e-Portfolio, is a tool that collects the set of content, documents, works, presentations and others with the aim of presenting the best work of an individual or organization, presented in digital format. In this way, it is presented as a grouping of digital content that works as a presentation. It is an element that is becoming enormously popular in the digital world due to its ease of being shared on the internet, both by social networks, web pages and email.

Uses of the Digital Portfolio

The digital portfolio has become a truly useful tool in the digital world, thanks in part to its versatility and variety of uses:

  • CV: More and more companies in certain jobs ask applicants to see their digital portfolio, as a way of evaluating their abilities and as a complement to their curriculum so that a good digital portfolio can make the difference between getting a job or not.
  • Business between companies:  also within business it is increasingly common for companies to present their portfolios in order to obtain customers or as a letter of presentation of their products or services.
  • Education: in the educational field, which increasingly has a greater representation in the digital world, portfolios appear as a tool with a double utility; on the one hand as a learning tool that the tutor provides to the student, on the other as an evaluation measure that contains the work of a student and that in some cases is coming to replace the exams.


How to create a digital portfolio

When creating a digital portfolio, we must follow a series of steps and recommendations:

  • Be selective:  the objective of a digital portfolio is not to accumulate as much content as possible, but that it represents the best of our work so it is better quality than quantity.
  • Adapt it to the recipient: if you want your portfolio to have the best possible effect, always design it with the audience you are going to address: what you are looking for and how we can cause a good image in it.
  • Include contact information:  it will be useless to have made a good impression with our portfolio if they have no way to locate us, and more in the digital environment where information spreads much faster so we must always include our phone, mail, social networks and other relevant information.


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