What is Dedicated Server

Dedicated server


Dedicated Server is computer hardware equipment that uses all its capacity in pursuit of a single client that has hired it. This computer equipment can be contracted by lease or be directly purchased. In this way, and in contrast to shared servers, which share their resources among more than one client, dedicated servers offer a much higher potential and performance although it requires a much greater economic outlay.

Features of dedicated servers

Economic servers mainly perform tasks of data hosting, information exchange and hosting of the client’s web pages. All these tasks can be managed by the same client, a highly recommended option in case you have advanced computer skills and at a lower cost, or otherwise you can hire an administrative company to take over the control of the server. These servers are usually located within a data center, adapted to process the information and with additional security measures.

Thanks to the dedicated server belonging to a single client, the configuration of the same can be adapted in its entirety to the demands of the client, in addition to having greater control over those applications that the web server runs. Another considerable advantage of this type of server is that maintenance can be performed much more easily and frequently, and the control over changes such as updates is much greater.


Examples of Dedicated Servers

When we think of dedicated servers, we do not usually refer to large companies that due to their high volume of traffic or the high power of their applications need one of these systems. Among the main examples of dedicated servers we can find servers of streaming or video game platforms, big data companies, web pages such as newspapers or forums with high traffic, etc …

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