What is Woopra



is a web analytics tool that works in real time. The platform helps to study data on the behavior of users live.

The operation of Woopra is similar to Google Analytics, where a tracking code is placed on a website that collects information about all visitors, and then reports through the dashboard. For more advanced users, events can be created and triggered to identify users, either when you log in to a website or when a contact form is sent.

The platform offers real-time customer analytics and integrated CRM analytics within a single interface. Thus, you can observe the route of a specific visitor in real time, while you can also perform retention analysis, funnel analysis and segmented analysis. This allows for a very detailed internal view of user behavior.

How Woopra works

Woopra can help you better understand your customers’ behavior across multiple devices and touchpoints, including chat, email, and helpdesk, both through your website and mobile app. Woopra uses this data to create complete profiles for each user, syncing them with multiple sources and continuously tracking activity on the web and mobile, and automatically updating profiles in real time. The service also creates customer segments that are automatically updated as changes in user behavior occur.


Through customer segments and profiles, Woopra can generate data-driven analytics to create redirect reports, custom reports, and retention reports. You can also create custom live dashboards based on the core of key performance indicators. The tool integrates with numerous third-party applications to be able to use the data provided to automate actions. The app also sends real-time notifications to the desktop or mobile app when customers take important actions.