What is Clickmap


is a web analytical technique that graphically represents where users click on a page.

What is the clickmap?

It is a technique found in web analytics and aims to generate a graphic representation of the places on a web page where users click or click through their devices. With this you can know the parts in which, on the part of the users, there is a greater influence and therefore, also know those that do not receive so many interactions.

It is a way of knowing and valuing the different components of the page both those that work and are profitable and those that confuse the user.

It is a vital technique for programmers, designers and marketing teams alike. It helps to know the usability of your website, as well as to measure the degree of effectiveness of the campaigns.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to grow without resorting to this practice. It is the only way to improve the design and thus improve based on the needs of the public.

What is it for?

The Clickmap is a way to know, in a precise way, how users interact with a web page. In this way you can know the locations that are having a greater effectiveness in terms of clicks and those that are having less. Do not reveal the strengths and weaknesses of a page and that, in turn, helps to know what are the aspects and sections to improve to gain greater attractiveness.

It is essential if you want to perform an analysis of a website in an efficient way. It can even lead to questions of design and usability.

Click map software

Click maps also have software that provides this combined information. They are an extension of heat maps. It can be applied from web pages in desktop format as well as on mobile devices. Among the best are