What is Notoriety


Notoriety in marketing is the concept that refers to the degree of knowledge that consumers have regarding a certain brand. When many users are aware that a brand exists, we say that the notoriety of this is high. In this way, notoriety also implies the ease with which a brand remains in the mind of the consumer.

Notoriety is a very important concept for companies because the more notorious a brand is, the more present it will be in users when making a purchase decision. That is why a large part of the advertising strategies are not aimed at increasing the sales of a product or service but at improving the notoriety in the market of the brand, although it is true that in the long run this translates into greater economic benefits for the company.

How to gain notoriety

Companies make great efforts to position their brand as high as possible in the minds of consumers, for this, they have the following options:

  • Advertising:it is the most direct and at the same time most classic way to achieve this goal, advertising seeks to surprise the viewer and constantly impact to leave the memory of our brand in their mind.
  • Viral actions:through viral marketing we can work real miracles in terms of notoriety and that is that there is nothing like word of mouth to expand among consumers.
  • Brand awareness: here comes not only that users know our brand, but how well they do it, the more information they have about us the better they can meditate on their purchase decisions, that is why it is necessary to design an adequate communication strategy so that customers know about our characteristics.
  • Generate value for your customers:if you get your brand to be valuable to your customers, they will not only remember it but also recommend it to their acquaintances and in this way
  • Internet:thanks to the Internet, the possibilities through which to gain notoriety have multiplied. Everyone is present on the internet and that is why search engine positioning and social media strategies are two basic pillars for obtaining notoriety.