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LinkedIn: boost your brand strategy

That LinkedIn is the business network par excellence is unquestionable. However, despite its clear orientation to the work environment, many companies still question the true usefulness of having a presence on this platform. Whether you plan to create a LinkedIn page for your brand or if you already have it but you are looking for a way to grow in this network, pay attention to these keys with which to reinforce the digital strategy of your business!

Why be present on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ideal space for the search for talent and the practice of networking, but its possibilities extend beyond the generation of business opportunities. Although growing in this network is a slow process, it is advisable to give it a chance and explore the different possibilities it offers for your brand.

Keeping pace with viral challenges or joining the latest trends of the moment is a losing battle for a large percentage of businesses. Think about this: if you constantly try to imitate the dynamics developed in profiles that have nothing to do with your sector (this is the case of accounts managed by influencers), your actions in networks will be meaningless.

What works for some niches doesn’t have to work for others. In fact, it rarely achieves the same results. This does not mean that you completely deny this type of content or that you disregard the news of the social media universe, but being aware of your brand’s limitations will save you frustrations with metrics and more than one headache when it comes to guiding the communication of your business.

Understanding that the key is not to compete against these successful formats but to find those spaces in which it is possible to stand out and choose the platform that best suits your needs is a good starting point for the development of a solid digital strategy. Therefore, unlike many of the fast consumption publications that are so successful on other platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, LinkedIn is ideal for those who bet on more developed information and the strengthening of the community through the creation of valuable content. Do you dare to exploit its potential?

How to take advantage of your business page

Being present in social networks has long been a necessity for any type of company, regardless of whether its activity is developed in the digital field or if it is a conventional business. Since in many cases it is difficult to find that balance with which to keep all social networks updated, we must assess the possibility of focusing on a specific platform.

Maybe your brand is at a point where it is unable to reach everything, but surely it is possible to concentrate all efforts on enhancing one of its communication channels. Where is your audience and what can you contribute? In general, it is more effective to create good content in a single medium than a series of mediocre content on all the platforms that exist on the network.

Optimize your LinkedIn page

Turning LinkedIn into the perfect showcase for your business requires taking into account a number of factors. What image do you want to offer? The description of the business, the images included in the page, the type of publications that are shared, the tone that is used to interact with the audience … everything counts when it comes to differentiating your brand! Think of this platform as the business card of your business and earn the trust of users.

As you can imagine, the more complete your company listing is, the more credibility your brand will have. To identify the visits to the website that come from this platform, we also advise you to incorporate the url traquedada to your company page.

Growth opportunities

Testing the different formats of this network and paying attention to the results obtained by each of the contents that are shared will be very useful to outline your strategy and guide the communication of your business. Remember to review the metrics, they will help you implement the improvements that your brand needs.

Keep in mind, in addition, that each social network has its own tools. In the case of LinkedIn, it is interesting to explore the growth possibilities offered by the blog of this platform: LinkedIn Pulse. Through this space, your company’s articles will become part of this platform (and can also be indexed in Google). With the right approach, it is an interesting resource to enrich your company page. If you want to find out how it works, what advantages it provides and what our recommendations are for using LinkedIn Pulse, check out our digital glossary.


Sometimes, concentrating all efforts on the optimization of a single social media is the best option to stand out. LinkedIn can be the ideal platform for this! Although using the basic functionalities of this network is a first step to reinforce the communication of your brand, the results of your company page can improve considerably if you resort to all the possibilities offered by this platform. To draw up the best strategy it is necessary to test, test and test.

Only by experimenting can you draw your own conclusions. And, of course, keep in mind the importance of metrics and interpreting the results obtained. Only in this way is it possible to improve. Data will be your best allies when it comes to implementing changes or enhancing certain content.