Social networks: the importance of defining your purpose

It is increasingly common to find active brands on platforms such as Instagram or TikTok; However, far from what many people imagine, the presence in social networks does not always bring a benefit to the company. Sometimes it can backfire. This is something that those who have been working on social media for some time have already been able to verify.

Does that mean that these communication channels are useless? No, they do have their advantages! Now, every business is different. Therefore, it is worth stopping to reflect on the brand objectives before defining a strategy. Only in this way is it possible to achieve results.

Social Media Presence

“I have to keep my networks constantly updated because, if not, the algorithm of these platforms will harm me.” Does that statement ring a bell? New fear unlocked in social media management issues.

Of course, platforms have evolved in such a way that users who generate more content are rewarded with aspects such as the visibility of those publications. (As long as that content is interesting or valuable enough that someone wants to invest time in consuming it.) At the end of the day, what networks are looking for is for users to stay connected to them as long as possible. It makes sense that the algorithm enhances the notoriety of those profiles that manage to retain the audience in that network, right?

Now, why does your brand want to gain visibility ? Are you clear about what you want? On many occasions there is a tendency to publish something for the simple fact of “being present in social networks”. Does that make sense? By now, you’ve gotten tired of reading that “if your business isn’t on the Internet, it doesn’t exist.” But you know? You can be on the Internet without being in networks.

For example, it is of little use to a brand the presence on Instagram without a clear objective behind. Conclusion? From now on, before you obsess over the constant creation of content and the effect that will have on the dreaded algorithm, we invite you to carefully consider why you are going to create them.

Define your purpose in social networks

Here is a tip that will be very useful. Start applying it now! Your time is valuable, do not invest it in creating content on social networks without being clear about the purpose of your brand. Clearly defining the intention of your social media presence will have a positive impact on your business results and will also facilitate the content planning process on the different platforms you use.

Maybe what you are looking for is to strengthen your brand reputation or maybe what you need is to increase traffic to your website… The purposes of the company are very diverse, but they all have something in common: They are the fundamental piece for the design of the correct strategy in social media.

From theory to practice

Until recently, our presence on social networks was limited to the publication of some sporadic post with content of interest to the audience. Our objectives as a company did not contemplate the definition of a network strategy, because we were clear that we did not expect to obtain any results from our presence there. In short, we reserved the definition of objectives exclusively for our clients, for whom we develop approaches based on the purpose of their brand.

Now we have decided to go a step further, defining company objectives that do require greater activity in social media. After assessing what we want to achieve and why, the implementation of the strategy begins! Do you dare to follow our evolution?


While testing and experimenting is key on social media when determining what works and what doesn’t for your brand, the ideal is to always reflect before publishing. We know that the concept of ‘thinking before you act’ is well known; We haven’t invented anything new. However, it is the fundamental aspect that will help you achieve your purpose in social networks.

And, as a closing, a small observation: defining a strategy in social networks can be a daunting task for many brands, especially if they are not related to the social media sector. Turning to professional support can provide the focus and clarity your business is looking for.