Content Marketing in Social Media Strategy

The importance of Content Marketing in Social Media Strategy

Content marketing is a fundamental leg to   carry out a social media strategy. Apart from the importance of creating information to connect with your followers, it is also essential to become a ‘friend’ of Google. This means that we must know how the algorithm. Having a blog for our business and good planning on the topics we will be writing is essential.

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By making a good content strategy you can differentiate yourself from your competition and thus in social networks have a greater impact. What you are doing with these articles is to give solutions and bring quality to your followers. They will appreciate this type of content and the more visits we have, the more chances they will be translated into conversions.

Content marketing for social networks

There’s no better way to
on social media than with that valuable content. Writing on a blog and creating unique and valuable content can be of great help to add content to our social networks.

The so-called liquid content serves to nourish the different networks by adapting the format and audience. A very clear example is when we take a content from our blog to a social network such as Instagram. In this way we can redirect traffic to the web and even generate engagement.

This is because thanks to your posts they are finding solutions to problems they have. The best idea, in these cases, is to create valuable content. It is preferred by users and the one that generates the most engagement. When we offer them this help, which they can solve with our products or services, they will appreciate the content. We will be able to retain the audience and with it, transform it into sales.

Know your audience to create good content marketing

To reach such a point of connection with your audience both in social networks and content marketing you have to know your niche and the different groups that compose it. The idea is that you give valuable information to each of them making it easier to decide to buy your products, It is about generating that trust towards your company for so many solutions that you have provided so far.

All that content should be integrated into your social media strategy in a smart way. For that, what you must do first is organize your different updates on social networks to use your own content just on the days and times that you are most likely to have more activity.

Content Marketing Planning

We must leave a publication calendar defined for the blog. We will choose the days we want to upload an article to be able to leave it established in social networks. You always have to go ahead and leave at least the calendar made a month in advance. This way we will be able to know the basis on which we will be working.

It will be easier to work on the strategy if we previously know the day we should publish and its content. We can establish days in which to leave raised the topics that we will talk about in the blog.

Do not forget that the content must be original and real. It is necessary to follow guidelines such as the length that all articles will have. They must have an established design for the image. It is very important to gather information from sources that are reliable and always do a good previous research work.

Content marketing must also follow guidelines for positioning. SEO takes on special importance here since these articles will also serve so that they can find us in search engines. If we add videos or infographics to this, we will make the content more attractive.