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Advertising on TikTok: How TikTok Ads works


More and more brands are being interested in TikTok,so recently the platform has released its ad management tool for companies. TikTok Business Manager is the option for all those who want to create TikTok Ads campaigns.


It is, without a doubt, the application that grew the most during the second quarter of 2020. During the month of March it was the most downloaded with up to 115 million installations worldwide. It far exceeds 2,000 million downloads between the Play Store and Apple Store. Only in Spain it is above 14 million downloads. Although the users of this tool belong to the youngest of the family, Generation Z, as a result of the quarantine the average age has risen and at the moment it is between 15 and 25 years.


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Business Manager is the new tool to create ad campaigns on TikTok

The first thing we must do to create an ad on this social network is to register with TikTok Business Manager. This tool is still in Beta, so it is a bit rudimentary when it comes to creating campaigns and segmenting audiences. But let’s see how TikTok Ads works.

It is important to know the TikTok Ads formats that exist in this application, since we have three different ones. At the moment it is still an initial version and not all categories can or should be used for any type of company. The choice should come based on the budget and the type of company you want to advertise. We anticipate that the most common type for a medium-sized company is the bid ad.

Types of ads on TikTok Ads

On the one hand we have the so-called Biddable Ads or bid ads. They allow you to manually bid on advertising spaces within the application. Here you can segment your ads by age, gender and location as in any paid campaign. This type of ad requires a minimum of 20 euros of investment and you can choose between bidding for CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPV (cost per view) or CPC (cost per click).

Another type of ad but less used is the Hashtag Challenge. With it, the brand announces a video with a challenge that is associated with a hashtag. In this way, users are encouraged to participate and reproduce it in their accounts. With this type of ad we would be viral or trending. The result would be to enhance in a much faster way the content that the user has created.

Finally we have the Branded Lenses. With this format the brand creates its TikTok filter so that the community can use it and thus have visibility.

How to create a campaign in TikTok Business Manager

After registering in Business Manager we can create our first campaign. In the initial menu that appears we will select “create campaign”.

To start doing it we must choose the objective,just as we would do in the Facebook Business Manager. Our goal can be reach, where we would get as many people as possible to see our ad. On the other hand we would have the objectives of consideration, which can be:

  • Traffic, to send users to our website
  • Install app, so they can download your app to their devices
  • Video views, where it would be sent to your TikTok videos.
  • Another goal could be conversion, here we will redirect traffic to the web we want.

You can optimize your ad group by conversion, click, or impression. Depending on what you choose, your bids will be optimized to achieve the goal. If you choose conversion as your goal, your ad will be shown to the people who are most likely to end up converting. To be able to choose this format you must create a conversion event in the TikTok Library.

After this we will segment the audience to which we want our ad to be directed. At the moment it is not very precise but we can choose geographical location, age, gender, interests and device. In addition, we can create custom audiences and both white and blacklists.

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In the “settings” section we can manage the budget for the campaign. In this case it would be the total of the campaign and not by ad group. You can control the ad  spend and running time of the campaign, as well as the speed at which that budget is going to be spent.

Then, simply, you must include the url where you want to redirect the audience and up to a maximum of 20 keywords. The last and most important part is to name and image the campaign. The success of TikTok is due to the short videos, between 20 and 60 seconds, very dynamic. That’s why this is where it’s time to get the most out of it. How do we achieve this? Creating a very creative and eye-catching ad.

They can be images or a video. To make this task easier TikTok Ads Manager has created a section where they give us ideas and templates for our video ad. The last thing will be to add the copy. We recommend that before finalizing the ad you review it well, since once sent it can not be modified. In order to read the text completely, we must use less than 80 characters.

In case you didn’t know, TikTok also allows you to add a pixel to your website and thus check the effectiveness of the campaign. This will be very useful when it comes to following the performance of the same and creating reports for the brand in the case that we are an agency.

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How to get organic reach

Before considering creating ads, maybe we should start with gaining organic reach. We can do this in different ways, such as creating challenges. This always encourages users to participate. We may also use recommended TikTok music or respond to other users with videos. Duos are a type of video that goes viral easily. If they do not work do not delete these videos, it is better to leave them private. This is because if you delete them, the application detects you as poor quality content and will detract from your reach in your next posts. But let’s see how to get started on our TikTok account.

The first and most important thing when starting out is to optimize our profile. After adding our description and photo we must change to professional account to be able to see the statistics. As in any other social network we must define what types of content we are going to publish and keep a calendar. This application requires that at first we download videos very often to start gaining reach. When we finish opening our account we must upload around 3 videos a day, the duration does not matter. On the other hand, remember that reacting with other accounts that have enough reach will help you have more visibility.

It will be from 1,000 followers when we can put a link to our website and make direct. If you are going to use it in a more professional way, do not forget to network with other accounts in your sector. Insert calls to action into your video texts to encourage engagement.

Uploading TikTok videos on other social networks is something that this platform rewards a lot. Do not forget that here the most important thing is creativity and perseverance. If you have a budget you could invest in influencer marketing campaigns.

Campaigns with Influencers

Another way to get performance but without creating ads are collaborations with influencers, which in this application is known as TikTokers.

To facilitate the task of finding these creators, the video application has created a platform where we can find them and thus create campaigns that go viral organically.

Thanks to Creator Marketplace we will be able to know the data of these users and their scope. The goal is to contact these influencers to create campaigns with people who already have relevance.

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