What is LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn PulseDefinition

LinkedIn Pulse is an internal blog linked to the personal profile of LinkedIn users. It is available to the public, so any member of this platform has access to the tool. Through it, the user can write their own posts and share them with the community, thus enriching their profile and contributing to reinforce their notoriety on the network. It is, therefore, a very useful resource to generate debate in this medium and achieve visibility.

What are the advantages of LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse can act as a growth lever, both for company pages and for active users on this platform. Of course, to benefit from its advantages it is necessary to pay attention to the different possibilities it poses and take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

Keep in mind that Google indexes the contents shared on this network; therefore, it is worth optimizing as much as possible the information that is shared (in the same way that an article on a web page would work) in order to appear in this search engine. Thus, using this blog linked to LinkedIn helps the brand or user improve its positioning in the sector from which it comes.

In a simple way, the benefits of using LinkedIn Pulse can be summarized as:

  • Increased visibility.
  • Search for engagement and consolidation of the community of followers.
  • Improvement of the reputation of the company or professional.
  • Consideration as a reference in the field to which it belongs.
  • Positioning of content outside of LinkedIn.

Also, in the case of having a website with a blog, it is interesting to assess the possibility of publishing on LinkedIn Pulse certain fragments or summaries of the articles and link them to the content of the blog. This action would contribute to the increase in web traffic, since users would have to visit the blog to expand the information. This action is also applicable in the case of landing pages.

How LinkedIn Pulse works

The operation of LinkedIn Pulse is similar to any other word processor, with common features (inclusion of headlines or text option with bold or italic words, among others). To use this tool, simply access the personal LinkedIn profile and, from the home page of the platform, click on the “Write an article” option at the top right of the box in which updates are shared. After clicking on that option, the user is redirected to the page from which they can compose the content.

Recommendations for using LinkedIn Pulse

Although the tool can be used by both businesses and freelancers, it is essential to note that the article writing functionality on LinkedIn Pulse is only available for personal profiles, not for company pages.

To take advantage of the opportunities of this resource, brands need to designate an employee as the author of the posts. It is convenient that it is a single professional who is in charge of the dump of contents in this blog so that the audience sees in that person an authority figure in that field. It is preferable that you have some previous experience in this network; if this is not possible, you should ideally become a very active member of the community and make regular updates to the content.

Remember that LinkedIn Pulse works in a similar way to the blog of a website: you have to work the posts in the same way as on a page! In order for the shared information to be as optimized as possible, it is important:

  • Propose an adequate content structure.
  • Take into account the keywords.
  • Incorporate multimedia content.
  • Add hashtags related to the topic being talked about.

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