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In our agency specialized in Amazon we combine the best optimization tools with the greatest marketing experts in Amazon to provide a premium service to our clients with a single objective: to maximize their profits.

Agency specialized in Amazon

Arimetrics is an agency specialized in Amazon. We create sales strategies on Amazon and advise companies that sell on Amazon. We offer consulting, advertising, positioning, catalog optimization and account management services in Marketplaces.

Selling on Amazon is a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to give visibility to their products and increase sales. The marketplace founded by Jeff Bezos offers great advantages both to stores that already sell online and for those that start onAmazon.

Certified Agency: We are Amazon Solution Providers

Managing accounts on Amazon is not easy. There are many numerous variables that must be aligned and under control to achieve results.

To master this sales channel it is necessary to know in detail all the ins and outs of its tools and its A9

algorithm. That is why having an Amazon Agency is a way to accelerate sales since it allows you to apply winning strategies.

Arimetrics is an approved company within the Amazon Solution Provider Network (SPN). We have the endorsement of Amazon as a guarantee of quality and accumulated experience in account management of various sectors and of all sizes.

Amazon SPN

Amazon Consulting Agency

What advantages does selling in Amazon provide?

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Amazon is the world leader in marketplaces,with a presence in more than 80 countries and with its own logistics in the main countries of the world.. This allows you to offer deliveries in less than 24 hours in major cities.

It has two different management systems:

  • Amazon Seller:With this type of account you can sell directly to third parties. The seller has control over their products and prices. You have the option to use FBA through FBA.
  • Amazon Vendor: The distributor sells directly to Amazon The platform is responsible for selling them to third parties at the prices it deems appropriate.

Want to sell more on Amazon? At Arimetrics we have a team of certified marketing specialists on Amazon. With us you will achieve more orders and visibility of your products through advanced strategies.

Leverage Stores for Brand Awareness
Leverage Stores for Brand Awareness
Sponsores Ads Foundations Certification
Sponsored Ads Foundations Certification

Amazon consultants to maximize sales


We created Amazon Brand Stores: official stores within Amazon with a careful design that captivates and seduces your customers.


Brand Registry: registration and protection of the brand on Amazon. We take care of protecting your brand with the Brand Registry Program.


Study of keywords and competition. Get to be on the first page of results. We got you the Buy Box.


Creation and optimization of campaigns: sponsored products, sponsored brands... Advanced advertising strategies.


We upload, synchronize and optimize Catalogs. We take care of the administration and optimization of the listings.


We repeatedly analyze metrics and dimensions to optimize sales. Monitoring and optimization of results.

Amazon Experts

We offer a professional service with certified expert managers. Our services are personalized, adapted to each account and results-oriented. We apply our accumulated experience to achieve your company’s business objectives much faster.

Marketing on Amazon

Strategies and action plans within the field of marketing on Amazon. This includes in Positioning, advertising campaigns within Amazon, as well as customer ratings.

As an agency specialized in Digital Analytics we pay special attention to measurement and optimization.

Amazon Tools

We use and prescribe management tools on Amazon based on the needs of the project.
The best tool is useless without a specialist who masters all its functionalities

. CWe have our own methodology that combines the potential of the tools with that of our experts.

FAQ about selling in Amazon

Amazon assures you of the total protection of your brand through its Brand Registryprogram. With this process, the brand is registered in the Amazon database and no one will be able to sell your products without your authorization.

In Arimetrics we advise you in the registration of the trademark. We keep you permanently informed of updates.

Seller Central is the platform for managing your products on Amazon. From here you can sell your products, manage product sheets, advertising, prices, promotions, etc.

Arimetrics helps you validate your account in Seller Central so you can start selling as soon as possible. We are in direct contact with Amazon and we keep you informed of the requirements requested.

With Vendor Central you become a supplier of products for Amazon and they are the ones who are in charge of selling them. The advantage you get is that the label “Sold by Amazon” appears that generates more trust for customers.

Anyone over the age of 18, residing within permitted countries and holding a bank account can sell on Amazon.

Thanks to the Seller Centralprogram, you can sell from Spain to other countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Holland or England.

As an agency specialized in Amazon,we help you complete the registration process in other countries that the platform has. We analyze the market to create the best strategy for you.

With Fullfilment by Amazon(FBA)your products will be in Amazon warehouses and they will be in charge of the distribution when a sale is made.

When sellers decide to opt for the Amazon Fullfilment by Merchant(FBM)option, it is the sellers who are responsible for the storage and distribution of the products.

As Amazon specialists,Arimetrics helps you manage your orders through our tools and connectors.

The Amazon buybox is the option that Amazon offers you in the first place to make your purchase.

It is located to the right of the product sheet and winning the buybox represents more than 80% chance of a sale.
This privileged position is assigned by Amazon thanks to its algorithm, and can be won or lost depending on sales, product price, reputation and many other variables.

Amazon has different tools to upload products to its platform. You can do it manually, through connectors or by uploading the products through files.

Arimetrics offers its customers the most advanced tools and connectors to manage their catalog and gain maximum visibility on Amazon.

Amazon has its own advertising tool within the platform. Amazon Advertising is based on displaying ads based on search keywords that customers use on the platform. Amazon Ads is a good way to give the brand a boost and help multiply sales.

As an agency specialized in selling on Amazon,we offer you a complete service of advertising management on Amazon,monitoring and optimizing the campaigns to maximize the sales of your products.

Want to sell more on Amazon?

Our services as an Amazon Agency are personalized and adapted to each project. Contact us and we will study your case in detail.

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