How to install Matomo Tag Manager

What is Matomo Tag Manager? #

Matomo Tag Manager is Matomo’s tag manager. It is equivalent to Google’s Google Tag Manager. It allows you to create containers on a website within which you can add other tools, or measure certain interactions that happen on the web.

To install Matomo Tag Manager it is necessary to have an active installation of Matomo. You can see how to install Matomo here.

How to install Matomo Tag Manager #

Once Matomo is installed, there is an option at the top right to Install Matomo Tag Manager

Create a container #

Then, from the side menu, select Manage Containers and we click on “Create new container”

Then we enter Name and Description of our container, and we do clin in “Create a new container”

Install the code on the web #

The code can be obtained in the last option of the side menu “Code”

Next we will see the code that we will have to install on all the pages of the web, within