How to create an account and a property in Google Analytics GA4

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account #

If you don’t already have a Google Analytics account, the first step is to create one. For this, the only requirement is to have a Google account (Gmail, a Google account (even if you do not have gmail or Google Workplace)

To do this you must go to the following link and press the “Start free” button

This will create the Google Analytics account automatically

If you already have a Google Analytics account #

In case you already have a Google Analytics account you must go to the last option of the “Manage” side menu

After clicking property we will fill in the following fields:

Create property #

  1. Property Name: We will call it “name” – GA4
  2. Hona time
  3. Coin

Then press the “Next” button

Create GA4 Property

About your buisine #

The fields in this step (company information) are optional. We can fill them in or go directly to the “Create” button

Creating Data Flow #

After you have created the property, you must configure the data flows.

Data flows are information that is generated from the client and goes to Google Analytics. A data stream must be created for each type of platform (web, Android app or iOS App)

The most normal thing is that if you are going to need a website you only configure the Web data flow. To do this you must choose the “Web” platform

Then you will have to fill in

  1. Web address of the site
  2. Site name

Web flow details #

Below we are shown the measurement ID that we will need to install Google Analytics 4 with Google Tag Manager or with different modules of the CMS of our website, or the code that can be placed directly in the HTML of the web.

If we click on the icon in green it will be copied directly to our clipboard.

Once this code is entered on the web, the data will begin to be collected.