How to view Search Console data in GA4

Link Search Console to GA4 #

To link Search Console we start from the assumption that you have already created a Search Console account. Then from GA4 just follow the steps:

  1. Administer
  2. Select Search Console Links
  3. Link button
  4. Choose a Search Console account: if we have access we will see it here and select it
  5. Select the web flow: we select the web flow of the property

Search Console GA4

search console ga4 2
search console ga4 3 1

Publish Search Console reports #

Search Console reports are unpublished by default. To be able to use them we follow the following steps:

search console report 1

search console report 2
search console report 4
search console report 5

Next we will see that in the side menu they already appear and you can consult the Search Console data

search console report 6