What is Magento



Magento is an “Open Source” platform, totally free (not so its implementation) for the creation, administration and analysis of electronic commerce or e-commerce. Created in 2007 by the American company Varien, it covers all the aspects necessary for the management of an online commerce.

It is treated together with Prestashop of the most used platform of this type in the world, its policy of open source allows a multitude of options and possibilities at medium and high levels of complexity so it is not the most recommended option for beginners, on the contrary it is the most suitable for medium and large companies that have enough resources to put it into operation. This is important since managing a Magento platform requires a significant initial time outlay as well as money to pay developers and hire powerful hosting.

Magento Features and Functionalities

Undoubtedly, the infinite possibilities offered by what has placed it as a market leader for ecommerce managers, with hundreds of thousands of users around the world. Some of the most outstanding are:

  • Open Source:Magento incorporates an open source software, Magento Open Source, which allows anyone to modify it, implementing multiple functionalities through plug-ins.
  • Appearance: Magento allows us to make a fully customizable design for our e-commerce which is undoubtedly a very important factor when it comes to differentiating between different online stores. Thanks to the content manager (CMS) we can edit the appearance of it at will. If desired, templates made by third parties are included that serve as the basis for starting to design our store. Another outstanding option within this section is that its designs are responsive and therefore adapt to any type of device.
  • SEO:this platform is conceived from its origins so that the businesses we design have a good positioning in search engines, also including tools to increase the traffic of our website, such as customizable URLs, meta tags or Google Sitemap.
  • Payments: Magento allows you to install the most important payment management add-ons such as Square, Amazon Pay or PayPal, integrate card payment, checks and money orders, etc …
  • Security:the user is largely responsible for installing security certificates, apart from Magento regularly releases patches and allows compliance with security standards in electronic payments.
  • Integrations:one of the features that most pleases users is the possibility of installing all kinds of applications and add-ons from multiple developers, free and paid, so that the possibilities of our trade become almost unlimited.

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