What is Webrooming



becomes a synonym for ROPO and refers to the action (s) carried out by consumers when they search for information about a product or products through the internet to, later, finish the purchase in a physical store.

It is a term that increasingly has more influence on digital marketing due to the extension of the internet and that society is increasingly familiar with the use of new technologies and phones. A large part of users prefer to research and learn about the various products, before buying it, and they do that online.

All this makes it increasingly essential to perform Webrooming not only in order to maintain, but also to grow. ]

What is webrooming for?

Webrooming is a mechanism that serves users to make the best decision when buying any type of product. For companies it can be the best way to position themselves in the market as the best alternative, not only with their presence on the internet but showing the benefits of their products

The objective is to encourage purchases in face-to-face stores.


Tips for using webrooming effectively

If the goal is to develop an effective webrooming and that more and more customers end up shopping in the offline world, the following tips should be taken into consideration:

  • Optimize your website. You need a well-organized site with a structure that facilitates navigation. In addition, it is essential that the products have detailed descriptions, high quality images, and in general all the necessary information (frequently asked questions). Even better would be if you can add a video where the operation is explained.
  • Design a unified measurement strategy. To know which marketing actions are working and which are not, you have to correctly attribute each purchase. It is essential to link online and offline actions, through strategies such as coupons with unique codes or identifiers per user.
  • Unify your inventory. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for customers. One idea is that potential customers can buy it online and pick it up in store or receive inventory from stores near it.
  • A good SEO strategy is essential. There is no point in getting an impeccable website if users cannot find it.
  • User ratings are critical. That is why it is interesting to include your ratings on the web.
  • Use retargeting. If users are abandoning the shopping cart they can try to attract them again through display or email retargeting. You can try to encourage them to complete the offline purchase and tell them where they can find the products.
  • The service is essential both online and offline. Online through a nearby service with chatbots or social networks. At the offline level, it is important that workers offer an impeccable service when the customer picks up an online order and take advantage of this opportunity to close complementary or cross-sales.
  • Offer free shipping and pick-ups. A pick-up at a nearby store, with no minimum order, will have removed the obstacle of laziness generated by the displacement.
  • Take care of the returns and shipping policy especially so that people visit the physical locations. In this way, the purchase of other products can be encouraged.
  • Generate attractive experiences in physical stores. Physical stores continue to offer unique experiences since they allow from holding events through workshops, offering a personalized treatment to customers … All this can be reflected in the various social networks, which can be an attraction for more people to approach the stores.