What is Retargeting



Retargeting is a marketing technique that consists of capturing the attention of those users with whom we have already had a previous contact with the aim of achieving conversions. We should not confuse Retargeting with Remarketing, because while the first refers to the digital field, the second is a broader concept that includes a greater number of channels. In this sense, it is worth mentioning that certain platforms such as Google Ads, use the term remarketing instead of retargeting. Retargeting includes, for example, social networks, email marketing and those users who have visited your website but have abandoned the conversion process.

How Retargeting works

Retargeting works through two different forms, pixels/cookies and lists:

  • Pixels/Cookies: these are fragments of codes that they detect when users access the site of our social network (in the case of pixels) or that are installed in the user’s browser when visiting our website (in the case of cookies). Thanks to them we can know the behavior of the consumer to later perform retargeting actions showing them ads to recover them.
  • Lists: consists of developing segmented lists of those potential customers to whom we want to apply retargeting with the information contained in our database. Depending on the objectives we set ourselves, we can use one list or another through email marketing or social networks such as, for example, Twitter.

Advantages of Retargeting

  • Increases the number of conversions: Consumers in our retargeting process are more likely to make a useful conversion for our company than a consumer who has not previously interacted with our company.
  • It allows us to execute very specific actions: Thanks to the information we get through this process we ensure that we have very segmented audiences on which to execute the particular branding we want.
  • It helps to create brand image: Through retargeting actions we manage to increase the memory of our brand in the mind of the consumer and consequently increase the notoriety of the brand.
  • Increases CTR: And on average, retargeting increases clicks on each ad 10 times more than conventional advertising.

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