What is Visit



A visit or session occurs each time a browser requests one or more published content. This visit may consist of downloading a web page or its content, or even many contents. A visit is usually defined as a series of page requests with a time difference between each of no more than 30 minutes. In this given time, any of the actions that a user is capable of performing on a website are captured.

Applications of the visits metric

Apart from being a very useful metric for web analysis, in many cases visits are also used for the analysis of operations and to provide personalized functions, such as user-specific recommendations for other pages or articles that the user should see.

In general, a visit can be understood as a sequence of requests made by a single user during a visit to a specific website, within a certain period of time, even if he enters and leaves the site.

The visit in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics visits are given in the name of sessions,and can be extended up to a maximum of 30 minutes in the default settings. After this time it is considered a different session.

If there was no limit between page requests, the user could return to the same website after a week and would still count as the same visit. There is the possibility to modify the duration of the session through the advanced settings of Google Analytics, since there are types of sites, for example videos, in which a user can keep a session open for more than 30 minutes without making any interaction, without meaning that the user has ended the session.

There is also the option to achieve greater accuracy in measuring the duration of sessions through automatic events launched through a Timer in Google Tag Manager.

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